Systems intelligence
for social impact

Deploy human + artificial intelligence to generate new insights into complex social systems.

Openfields developed Orchard to be the first business intelligence platform focused specifically on accelerating holistic learning about social impact issues. Orchard is designed for innovative social impact organizations, collective impact networks, learning cohorts, and leadership teams to increase their capacity for more diverse, disciplined, creative, and foresight-driven learning.

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Thought leadership + foresight

Stay ahead of your field by mapping trends, exploring emerging issues, and developing creative perspectives on the future.

Rapid learning

Obtain real-time publications, articles, case studies, local news, and social trends focused directly on the issue you are working to address from sources beyond your typical news and research sites.

Field building

Circulate live insights into an emerging field of work among collaborators. Discover who else is working in and around your strategic issues.

Community voice

Elevate voices from the communities and systems you seek to serve.