The Biophilic Institute Strategy Sprint

Stone Cottage @ Serenbe


COVID slowed the growth and shifted the perspective of the board of an emerging think tank. The challenge was to reassess the market landscape, recast the vision, and mobilize stakeholders for the next phase of growth and development.


Openfields facilitated a strategy sprint to help The Biophilic Institute quickly cast a new vision for the next stage of growth. The strategy sprint included an organizational assessment, a series of calls and interviews with Board members, and full-day strategy retreat at Serenbe. During the retreat, Board members shared motivating stories to help the group remember shared experiences and values. They reflected on the history of their work and mapped trends that helped explain how the future for the biophilic movement will likely evolve. They finally developed a short-term action plan to reframe current programming, raise new funds, and recruit new partners and advocates to join the effort.