Catalyzing Economic Mobility in the South


While boasting one of the most beautiful downtown transformations and a rapidly growing population, the city of Greenville, South Carolina was also one of the hardest places to rise out of poverty - especially if you were black, and especially if you were a black male. The challenge was to develop collective community leadership to address the main barriers to economic mobility.


In 2018, a team from Greenville, SC joined MDC's Network for Southern Economic Mobility along with three other cities to explore the hard reality exposed by Raj Chetty's Equality of Opportunity Project, that Greenville was one of the hardest places to rise out of poverty in the country. Hollingsworth Funds - the program sponsor - hired Openfields to serve as the facilitating partner, providing expert facilitation, research and data analysis, and strategic planning for the collective impact project.

Watch the highlights from our capstone event: