Racial equity data for criminal justice reform


In light of racial disparaities throughout the criminal justice system, how can LA APD collect and utilize racial and demographic data to better serve APD clients?


Openfields designed and facilitated a series of data journey mapping workshops to help the team of Alternate Public Defenders:

  • Define short- and long-term strategic outcomes that racial data could help advance
  • Map the flow of data throughout the APD case management system
  • Consider the motivations and incentives facing a range of stakeholders including defendants, police, judges, the district attorney, and elected officials
  • Generate ideas and identify strategies for collecting and reporting racial data 

Insights that emerged from the process include: 

  • There are many types of data – beyond defendants’ race – that might help us address the larger issue of racial disparities within the judicial system 
  • APDs have a potential role to play, not just in collecting data, but in advocating for data collection and transparency, and sponsoring legislation 

“Very helpful to roundtable with colleagues about the realities and challenges of data collection.” - Workshop Participant