Data strategy, culture, insights and tools

The Openfields team of experienced analysts, coders, and researchers develop data strategies, insights, and tools organizations need to make better decisions and deliver more impactful programs. In addition to developing smart data infrastructure and strong data cultures, we help organizations collect better data from the communities they seek to serve via surveys, focus groups, and design sessions, and we connect those insights to proven research via impact modeling. See how our data offerings integrate with our research and evaluation work.

Data Strategy

Develop a smart, data-driven organization

Align your data collection, reporting, and decision making-efforts with the immediate and long-term impact goals of your organization. We help you develop:

  • Organizational + program data strategy - how does data best position you for long-term, sustained impact?
  • Data ecosystem map + data flows -  where does data come from? Where does it go? What decisions does it inform?
  • Data development plan - what data do we have? What data do we need? How do we get there?

Check out our data strategy work with Roca, Inc. in which we helped Roca High Risk Young mothers evolve their program toward a 2Gen model, measuring their impact on mothers and their children.

Data Architecture + Database Design

Custom databases to align program and organizational data with community needs

We worked with Reach Out & Read to integrate data from multiple sources and types including

  • Fundraising / development data
  • Program output data
  • Surveys of program participants

We used secondary socioeconomic data to develop a clearer picture of how program activities drive impact on the ground. We communicated that information through a range of reports and community impact dashboards.


Generate mission-critical insights from complex data sets

Read the report we produced with Capita and the Center for Public Partnerships and Research at the University of Kansas to get an idea of how we translate data into actionable insights.

Visualization + Dashboards

Powerful images and tools for increasing understanding and impact

With Missouri Foundation for Health, we are helping organizations across the state of Missouri finally see the power partnerships and relationships have in tackling an issue as complicated as firearm suicide prevention.

Missouri Foundation for Health Dashboard

Openfields use our data analysis and visualization skills in our Research work as well as our learning cohorts, let us bring our expertise to your company. Let's talk.