Advanced learning & strategy for social innovation

Openfields provides adaptive learning, analysis, and entrepreneurial capacity to help you imagine and accelerate a more creative and just future.


Data Strategy
Database Design
Impact Models
Landscape Analysis
Program Evaluation
Community Voice
Research & Policy Tracking
Trends Mapping
Capacity Building
Executive Residency
Sabbatical Planning
Openfields operates as an integrated, collaborative innovation team learning and working across systems.

Foresight-driven strategy

Deepen your strategy for long-term impact by mapping trends, exploring emerging issues, and developing a more adaptive organization.

Rich, responsive data

Gain high resolution insights into the communities you serve, the programs you deliver, the organization you lead, and the network you convene.

Holistic social science

Ground your work in the latest, proven research and insights from the communities via design sessions, surveys, and focus groups.

Systems intelligence

Real-time insights into the systems you seek to impact via the only business intelligence platform designed for social impact.

“Our work with Openfields has helped us see the limits in our own thinking and begin to generate ideas and alternatives to challenge and transform the status quo."
Dr. Jackie Counts • Director of the Center for Public Partnerships & Research at the University of Kansas