Bodega Bay, CA, site Future Forum 2, an Openfields-led leadership retreat featuring Institute for the Future and the Waters Center for Systems Thinking. Hosted by the Institute for Child Success as part of their Leadership for America's Young Children initiative.
“The imaginations and intuitions of top leaders are starving…

Christian Madjsberg

Cultivating the imaginations of leaders.

Often as a consequence of their success, effective leaders aren't given the time, space, or incentives to rethink the system they are trying to impact. Openfields provides executives with customized learning experiences to begin to step outside the system, to generate perspectives and develop ideas that require time, creative thinking, reflection, and foresight. As James Boyd White puts it, we believe "imagination is the root of justice" and that our best hope for change is investing in the visionary capacity of leaders.

What ideas or questions have you always wished you could just stop and focus on? How would some structured time to learn and think change the way you work and lead? Let's explore how a residency or sabbatical could change your trajectory as a leader.


Focused, strategic, creative learning

Our team of experienced strategists and researchers, powered by Orchard our AI platform for systems intelligence, will work with you to design a focused six-week learning journey based on your specific learning objectives. These learning journeys include time for reading, reflection, and a personal retreat, but are designed to be pursued as part of your current work flow. We offer three primary models:

  • Vision & Voice Residency to define and articulate your personal vision for impact and gain confidence in sharing it.
  • Foresight Residency to learn tools and develop perspective on the future of your work and field.
  • Ideas + Issues Accelerator to do a deep time on a new, or ongoing issue, that requires focused learning.

Based on your learning objectives, each of our 6-week residency models includes:

  • Residency planning guide
  • Strategic coaching sessions to plan your experience and implement your learning
  • Custom, curated curriculum based on your immediate strategic objectives
  • Writing, journaling, and visualization exercises to capture your thinking
  • Deep-dive learning retreat
  • Action planning guide
  • 3-month access to a customized Orchard intelligence feed


Have you always wanted to take a sabbatical but either 1) can't figure out how to sell it, or 2) are not sure you would use the time well? In 2023, Openfields will start to offer coaching specifically related to sabbatical planning. Let us know if you're interested.

We often integrate custom learning experiences for executives and leadership teams as part of our wider strategy, research, or data projects. We also expand this kind of experience for learning cohorts.