Learning Cohorts

Community-based learning and innovation.

Immersive, action-oriented learning experiences are often the most transformative. Exploring and applying new ideas together with colleagues, teammates, and collaborators can elevate the work of individual participants and generate a collective vision for change. Openfields has designed and facilitated a range of creative learning cohorts and communities of practice that spread and generate new ideas, increase the capacity of leaders, connect members across a network, and develop conscious ambassadors for a cause.

Let's explore how a customized learning experience for leaders in your network could advance your strategy, generate new ideas, and build a different future.


Mission + motivation

We can help you design a customized learning experience that reflects both the mission of your organization and the motivations of your audience. We apply human centered design practices not only to design cohorts and learning sessions, but to design them with the learners, so they are bought in from the beginning. We develop smart curriculum and engage experts in live conversation.


Dynamic experiences, safe and creative places to explore

Already have a program in place? Openfields team members are experienced and trained facilitators, able to lead dynamic learning sessions in-person or virtually. Our facilitators utilize a range of tools, frameworks, and interactive exercises to ensure all participants are engaged and contribute. We are skilled at holding open safe spaces for differing views to be expressed and discussed.


Sustained learning and coaching

Beyond immediate learning objectives, we want to see any cohort participant apply the learning they are gaining and develop new methods and capacities for learning themselves. We often coach participants as they develop cohort-based plans or projects, or seek to share what their learning in their own community or network.

Recent learning cohorts we have designed and helped facilitate:

+ Kansas Future Fellows

+ Right for Kids Community of Practice

+ Network for Southern Economic Mobility

+ Sustainability Leadership Initiative

+ Missouri Firearm Suicide Prevention Cohort

Openfields enhances our learning cohorts by curating relevant research and data, mapping trends, and developing customized learning feeds for participants. Also, if you've ever wanted to develop your own customized learning experience, check out our Executive Residency.